research tools

The Uttarakhand Solidarity Network has endeavoured to support academic research on issues pertaining to the social, political, cultural, and environmental challenges facing Uttarakhand. In addition to hosting various materials of scholarly interest, it has developed an electronic repository system to catalogue and reference items that the website has been collecting since 1997. The search feature allows readers to browse an array of news items, journal articles, or book references linked to external sites as well as original content or press releases hosted by the site.

This search mechanism has the following features:

keyword search

Search titles, abstracts, authors, etc. The search field can be found immediately below the page banner on the right hand side of the page.

taxonomy lists

List items by topic (tags), category, and date. Lists of each type can be generated by clicking on the keywords in the right-hand sidebar or in the citation block that is situated immediately below the post title.


Items can be clipped to a clipboard for later retrieval. A add/remove button can be found below the citation block for each item. To reach the clipboard, click on the icon in the search bar.

reference options

Easily download references from the clipboard in the most popular APA or BibTeX formats. Buttons for each are found below the list of items on the clipboard page.

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